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KASJ competed for the foot bath market for young people by technological innovation

"Foot Soaking Massage" Becomes a New Trend of Health Preservation for Young People

Li Jiaqi explained that the sales volume exceeded 10 million in a single session, and KASJ competed for the foot bath market for young people by technological innovation


In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the benefits of soaking feet are

(1) promoting sleep: soaking feet every day is conducive to promoting body metabolism, making people relax effectively, improving sleep quality, promoting sleep, preventing insomnia and dreaminess, etc;

(2) Helps to improve the cold of hands and feet: soaking feet can promote blood circulation and improve peripheral blood circulation, thereby relieving the cold of hands and feet caused by insufficient peripheral blood;

(3) It is good for relieving headache: soaking feet can expand blood vessels, promote the downward circulation of brain blood, reduce the probability of cerebral congestion, and thus relieve headache.

In addition, the foot is one of the places where the human meridians converge. Each organ of the human body has a specific reflex area in the foot. The foot reflexology massage therapy has a traditional history of more than 3000 years in China. It generates nerve reflexes by stimulating the corresponding acupoints of each organ of the human body in the feet, activating the functions of the sensing organs, stimulating the potential functions of the human body, adjusting the imbalance of the body, relieving the tension of the whole body, and achieving the effect of disease prevention and treatment, It has the effect of self-care and longevity.

In recent years, foot bath has become an important way of leisure and fitness. For many years, the slogan "Give massagers as gifts" has gradually spread to other categories. Xing Qiang, the founder of KASJ KASJ, obtained the inspiration to create the foot bath brand from the experience of "giving gifts". "A few years ago, when giving gifts to the elderly and friends, they would choose foot baths. However, due to the uneven materials, quality and performance of foot baths in the market, it is difficult to choose a brand with high cost performance, complete functions, convenient and safe use, so I decided to create one myself."


Xing Qiang found that this entrepreneurial inspiration was also the same as the original prediction. The health care group became younger and "hit" the young group. The sales data of the past two years show that many young people also have a demand for purchase, and the fashion trend of "massage and soaking feet for health preservation" has reached young people who focus on "punk health preservation". Part of the reason for this change comes from the influence of public figures: Sun Li, the famous "bubble feet empress", often shares the benefits of bubble feet with netizens on Weibo; In the variety show My Daughter, which was aired in 2019, Wu Xin also went on a hot search because of the footage of foot soaking, which made the foot soaking bucket fire.

Xing Qiang told the Red Bowl Society that foot baths have a place in the hot personal care small household appliances market in recent years. According to the 2020 White Paper on China's Health Appliances released by China Home Appliance Network and Ovi Cloud, 92% of consumers pay special attention to health functions when purchasing household appliances. Detailed data shows that consumers bought a wide range of health appliances in the first three quarters of 2020, among which the highest proportion was small household appliances of personal care. Experts predict that the future home appliance market and products with the concept of health home appliances will usher in a huge market opportunity.

The massage foot bath caters to the concept of health appliances. "People's consumption awareness and habits are increasingly mature, but there is a gap in the market for home foot baths, and there is no head brand, which indicates that the foot bath industry is about to explode. According to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, feet are the beginning of the Three Yin Channels of the Foot (spleen, liver, kidney), and the Three Yang Channels of the Foot (stomach, gallbladder, bladder) In the end, it is closely related to the five zang organs and six fu organs. Foot bath can promote blood circulation, make the blood vessels of the feet smooth, help eliminate fatigue and improve sleep. " Xing Qiang explained.

According to Xing Qiang, many young people can not only soak their feet every day like exquisite stars, but also change their patterns. They can put some Chinese herbal medicine bags with the effects of removing dampness and cold in the foot bath, and essential oils with the effects of helping sleep and clearing fire. The foot baths on the market are generally similar in function and appearance. They mainly have traditional electric heating, foot massage and other functions. However, the market price of foot baths varies widely, from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. As a new product, there is no uniform production standard for foot baths. After studying the pain points of foot baths, the team of KSJ In terms of human-computer experience, such as convenience, many new products have been developed. "


KASJ's "Fancy Innovation"

Zhejiang KASJ Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, the hometown of small household appliances, is a personal health care product company integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. It has many years of practical experience in production and e-commerce sales. At present, the company's main products are foot baths, portable massagers and other personal care electrical products.

In June 2017, KASJ set up an operation center in Ningbo. Since the first foot bath was launched in JD in August 2018, the company has successively obtained 43 patent certificates. Xing Qiang said that the acquisition of the patent certificate is an affirmation of the company's design technology and a proof of the company's innovation strength. KASJ entered the flagship store of Tmall in August 2019, and its sales volume in that year exceeded 50 million.


In October 2020, one year later, KASJ was rated as the "Super Rookie Brand of the Year" by Tmall In December of the same year, in the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi, the head anchor of Taobao, the single show sales reached 11.9 million yuan, and every time in the live broadcast room of Jiaqi was sold out. In this year's Tmall 618 promotion, KASJ won the first place in high-end foot bath in the category of household health care equipment.

"If an enterprise wants to be deeply involved in the industry, high-quality products and services are indispensable. KASJ focuses on high-end health appliances, invests a lot of money in product research and development every year, only to provide customers with better products. In terms of service, it pays attention to meeting customer needs, bringing customers a happy mood. If quality problems occur in the use of products, it can enjoy free on-site maintenance services. We have 8 warehouses in JD, and We have cooperated with stores in Cixi, Hefei, Changsha, Wuhan and many other places. We choose to deliver goods nearby, and 85% of the regions can basically achieve next day delivery. In addition, consumers can enjoy the right to return and replace the goods without any reason within seven days from the date of receiving the goods. " Xing Qiang told the Red Bowl Society.

What innovations did KASJ make in its products to make such achievements? Xing Qiang introduced the performance innovation of several foot baths to Hongwan Society in detail.

"It is more scientific in design and structure, and has added many intimate details." For example, KSJ 1612 intelligent foot bath bucket has designed a back winding frame, which solves the pain point that traditional products cannot place power cables; The massage plate is improved, and the different heights of the three groups of massage plates are carefully adjusted according to the concave and convex shape of the foot center; The drainage pipeline is optimized, the drainage outlet is lowered to the bottom of the whole body, and the residual water can be basically discharged; In addition, the all-in-one molding panel is designed to effectively avoid the hidden danger of short circuit and electric leakage of the computer version caused by water seepage. There is also a small humanized design, which is to add colorful breathing lights, so that the feet are not boring and have a sense of ceremony.


KASJ 1612 Intelligent Foot Bath Massager

Xing Qiang continued to introduce that, at the professional level, KASJ changed the disadvantages of other foot baths by adopting dual temperature control and a new upgraded heating mode. The traditional foot bath is made by placing a simple heating body in the basin, so its heating effect is very unstable. The water temperature in the basin is unbalanced, and there is often a situation of "hot front feet, cold rear feet". KASJ has abandoned this traditional heating method. It places a new generation of insulated circulating heating tube at the bottom of the foot bath. Through the circulating heating method, it allows a continuous flow of hot water from the surf mouth, making the water temperature in the basin more uniform and more comfortable.

"The comfortable water temperature range borne by human feet is 35 ℃~48 ℃. According to this scientific basis, we have added a stepless temperature regulation function to the foot bath, with a positive and negative temperature difference of no more than 1 ℃. At the same time, in order to avoid dangerous situations, KASJ specially designed the double temperature control for this foot bath. Once the thermostatic function of the foot bath fails or the body is dry burned, the foot bath will immediately start power off protection, without causing accidents Occurs. "

Xing Qiang also introduced another upgraded version of KASJ Z201 intelligent foot bath bucket, "Z201 has improved four design points on the basis of 1612: first, this foot bath is the first foot bath equipped with ultraviolet and ozone double sterilization systems in the industry, and has obtained the effective sterilization test report of Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology Technology; second, we designed the massage plate to be detachable, so that the massage plate can be taken out for deep washing after the feet are soaked, completely solving the problem that the bottom of the massage plate of the foot bath cannot be cleaned; third The front and back of the product are designed with power cord and drain tube storage bin, which makes the product cleaner and more convenient to store; Fourth, the memory function is added, which can effectively retain the data such as the water temperature setting, time setting, and use mode of the last product used. The last set data can be restored with one key, which is very convenient. "


KASJ Z201 Intelligent Foot Bath Massager

KASJ has made improvement and innovation on the new K2 foot bath bucket in 2022. It has changed the original massage plate into an integrated massage component of air cushion+air bag, which not only avoids the burden of long time massage of the massage plate on the feet, such as blisters and broken skin, but also gives users a better massage experience. The air cushion on the sole of the foot adopts a three-stage zonal massage method, with different massage techniques and intensity applied to the toe, arch and heel. In particular, the foot arch integrated roller massage device can fully relax our foot arch and air bag package massage, and put the instep that we always ignore in the scope of work. Under the "pinch" of air cushion and air bag, you will get a completely relaxed foot arch and a good night's sleep without dreams. KASJ Z201 is the first foot bath barrel that applies ozone and ultraviolet double sterilization technology at the same time. KASJ K2 is also the first foot bath bucket that uses an integrated massage component. While improving massage technology, it also solves the problem of cleaning the foot bath bucket. KASJ K2's circulating water channel structure is the first in the industry. These initiatives and patents are just part of KASJ's innovation path. Our fundamental goal is to bring you a better life through our high-quality products

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KASJ K2 Intelligent Foot Bath Massager

Xing Qiang said that in terms of sales channels, in addition to Tmall, JD and other e-commerce platforms, KASJ has set up stores in offline life halls in many cities to expand its brand awareness.

When it comes to marketing, Xing Qiang believes that the category of personal protective small appliances is different from fast moving consumer goods such as beverages. They have a strict return on marketing investment algorithm. "KASJ will only make some advertising campaigns on the basis of good cash flow, and each campaign will produce a certain conversion rate to ensure the company's healthy operation on the basis of profit. Under the background of consumption upgrading, small household appliances for personal care will also be continuously updated and upgraded in terms of functions and performance. Currently KASJ is also considering financing to achieve a larger scale. We focus on the introduction and training of talents, especially in product research and development, brand In terms of operation, we welcome those who have aspirations to join the family of KASJ . We will launch new products in October, please wait and see. "

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