• Tips for soaking feet in physiological period

    Soking feet in physiological period could bring many benefits. The biggest benefit is that soaking feet can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, which removes blood stasis and relieve dysmenorrhea.Besides, improve the symptoms of cold limbs and coldness would be relieved. Here are...
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  • How to soak feet correctly?

    3 treasures in keeping healthy: wolfberry, hot water and foot soaking As an essential cornerstone in the health career,foot soaking is a popular way to keep healthy.Although soaking foot health is not as exaggerated as the online pan...
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  • Goodbye 2022,Hello 2023

    I often feel that words are powerful. Although it seems cold, I can always read different flavors between the lines of the author and the writer. So far, I still admire and respect those who can express feelings, express emotions, tell stories ...
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